Our Soffit-FW-120 is a heavy gauge, concealed fastener wall and liner panel

The FW-120 panel is a concealed fastener wall and liner panel that provides a flat appearance. FW-120 is commonly used for architectural, commercial and industrial markets. The heavy gauge offering provides for large spanning capabilities, particularly in composite wall applications.


  • FW-120 is available in a flat profile with no beads, one bead or two beads.
  • The FW-120 Panel has been tested by a certified independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM test procedures for Air Infiltration and Water Penetration at the sidelap. Test results show no air leakage at 1.57PSF and no water penetration at 6.24PSF differential pressure.
  • FW-120 carries Florida approval.


Applications: Wall and Fascia
Coverage Widths: 12″
Panel Attachment: Concealed Fastening System
Gauges: 24 (standard); 22 and 20 (optional)
Finishes: Smooth(standard); Embossed (optional)
Coatings: Signature® 300