Our patented, flexible, and custom Long Bay System is a high-performance solution for large-scale projects

American Steel Buildings is pleased to offer you a high-performance solution for your large-scale project needs. Our patented Long Bay® System (LBS) is custom-engineered to accommodate structures requiring expanded areas of open floor space, while allowing for uncommon flexibility in architectural design.


You’ll find LBS enables you to achieve an ideal balance of alignment and functionality for such structures as manufacturing facilities, warehouses and certain retail buildings. Open web truss secondary-framing provides roof support and simplifies the installation of mechanical and electrical systems. Less bridging, fewer footings and a reduced number of columns result in significant overall cost savings and compatibility with multiple wall and roofing systems gives you increased flexibility in construction design.

Before you get started on your next building project, be sure to give the professionals at American Steel Buildings and Components a call. We look forward to demonstrating all the advantages of our Long Bay® System — and to developing a custom metal building solution for you.


MET20_Metallic Long Bay System Rebrand to American Steel Buildings_MS_0620_WEB

Premier Features

  • Offered in bays of up to 70 feet
  • Bolted end seat attachments to primary framing for quick, safe and verifiable connection
  • Wide flat-top chord surface enables simple, easy and stable clip attachment for standing seam roof applications
  • Reinforced die-formed seats provide stability and strength

Enhaced Benefits

  • Proven overall in-place construction cost savings from reduced foundation costs, ease-of-erection and predictable deliveries
  • Reduces number of interior columns to provide large, unobstructed areas of floor space
  • Less bridging required than with traditional bar-joist installations Single-source supply of complete building system allows for better control of your construction schedule and faster occupancy
  • Superior strength-to-weight ratios
  • Machine-rolled for accuracy and tighter tolerances
  • Entire system erected without welding, all connections bolted or screwed
  • MET20_Metallic Long Bay System Rebrand to American Steel Buildings_MS_0620_WEB

Product Compatibility

  • Industry standard self-drilling fasteners used for all bridging attachments and “B” deck applications
  • Available with machine-seamed Standing Seam Roof system and Built-Up, Single-Ply and Multi-Ply roofing systems
  • May be used in tandem with traditional purlin systems for warehouse, manufacturing and crane applications
  • Can be used with hard wall and metal cladding applications for greater design flexibility

Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance of predictable structural performance from an IAS-accredited manufacturing facility
  • Sampling of members tested for specified gravity loads
  • Factory Mutual (FM) ratings are available per your specific requirements