We offer non-insulated and horizontal slide windows, no flashing required

Horizontal Slide Window – Non Insulated

  • Specify wall panel profile 
  • All Windows will be supplied with PBR fins – Additional fins will be supplied when “PBU” (U) windows are ordered – All fins are to be field installed – No flashing required
Part #SizeTypeColorWeight Each
HW-802R3030Horiz. Slide w/Half ScreenAluminum27.00#
HW-802A3030Horiz. Slide w/Half ScreenAluminum27.00#
HW-804R4030Horiz. Slide w/Half ScreenAluminum28.00#
HW-808R6030Horiz. Slide w/Half ScreenAluminum50.00#
HW-810R6040Horiz. Slide w/Half ScreenAluminum58.00#

Single Hung Window – Non Insulated

  • All Windows will be supplied with PBR fins.
Part #SizeTypeColorWeight Each
HW-820R3030Single Hung w/Half ScreenAluminum27.00#
HW-822R3040Single Hung w/Half ScreenAluminum30.00#
HW-824R3050Single Hung w/Half ScreenAluminum45.00#