Our leadership has broad, professional industry knowledge of pre-engineered metal building systems 

Clients choose us for our leadership and broad, professional industry knowledge of pre-engineered metal building systems. From your initial client meeting through the completion of the project, we work with mutual respect – together. Our company’s goal is to ensure your metal building project exceeds your expectations. We lead our Jacksonville, FL headquartered company with values-driven customer service and Made in America products in order to:

  • Simplify a complex process by providing professional industry guidance   
  • Provide the best and most efficient solutions creating an outstanding aesthetic impact while delivering your building on time and cost savings 
  • Design and manufacture each steel building, component, and accessory to have a long-term lifespan with many color-finish and weather-tightness warranties to choose from, guarantying your investment
  • Ensure high-quality metal products with strict quality control  
  • Add value to your project with recyclable steel 100% green energy
  • Price competitively and deliver exact erection drawings for ease of assembly
  • Use best practices with full confidence in our building and component warranties 
  • Deliver superior customer service with an honest approach

Led by a cadre of professionals who value building long-term relationships with clients and vendors, we bring you through the design process and then manage our manufacturing systems with care using optimum engineering and business expertise. We have the steel industry’s best vendor relationships

Stewart Bond, CEO, grew up in a hard-working family in the mountains of PA. His grandparents, Arthur & Jane Roussey, were early French settlers who helped establish the town of Frenchville, PA. His grandfather Arthur worked hard on the railroad and his grandmother Jane Roussey was postmistress for over 50 years until her retirement. They were a deeply religious family involved in the local church and community. They owned the only gas station and small store in town and operated the only local post office. Because of his grandmother’s generosity and faith in her grandson, it allowed Stewart to be the only member of his family to attend college. His leadership capabilities were well honed early on under strict but loving family guidance. He excelled in college as class president and graduated with honors in Computer Science and was soon highly recruited by Ross Perot’s EDS Computer Corporation at the early age of 19. At EDS he learned how business was supposed to be done through a process of achieving excellence by way of caring for employees and customers. By doing things differently, he discovered this experience to be a profound, irreplaceable investment in his future career.

Always a high achiever, he graduated with high honors at EDS OPD program and gained sound planning and management expertise, which he applies with personal integrity when dealing with clients. 

Mr. Bond cares deeply about his clients, company, and employees. He believes in doing things right the first time, which has led him to leadership roles in major fortune 500 U.S. companies. Well educated, his driving force is to make a difference. He values a client’s handshake as a person’s word in business and has an “open-door policy,” contributing to his company’s success. 

Customer Service with an honest approach!

He has translated this high sense of excellence and client responsiveness into providing his customers with excellent customer service and quality products. Being a man of faith with a strong belief in serving people with humility, simplicity and humanity, Stewart is an American who lives and believes in GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY.  

“My early working experience allows me a deep understanding of how a complete knowledge of services paired with quality products coupled with an honest approach to business delivers success. Whatever the talent, it’s critical to do each job to the best of your ability.”

— Stewart Bond